GeoScribe [Screen shots] [Screencasts] [Download]
Promote your message. Use the biggest billboard you have!

  • Mark out the field or area you want your message to be (using Google Earth or existing boundaries)
  • Style your message using any font on your computer
  • Instantly show results in Google Earth for simple validation and checking
  • Save and store projects
  • Export boundaries in a variety of formats
  • Use GPS to apply your message

Screen shots

(hint: click on the images to expand and use the mouse scroll wheel to advance)
Main window
Import/paste a field boundary
Create a message
Add special characters
Preview in Google Earth
Export for use


(for more examples and demos visit our YouTube channel)


GeoScribe is currently freely available as a pre-release 'Preview Edition'. It is completely functional and will be available until its official release. (Mac users will require a Windows virtualization package to run GS)
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