Quick Boundaries [Screen shots] [Screencasts] [Download]
Efficient boundary creation and maintenance.

  • Quickly create boundaries from existing point data sets
    • Yield maps
    • EM maps
    • Veris maps
    • Radiometrics maps
    • As-applied maps
    • Any other text or shapefile source of point data
    • Import and combine multiple data files
    • Edit point data to remove unwanted points in preparation for automatic boundary creation
  • Modify existing shapefiles and kml files
    • Clean them (remove duplicate boundaries, ensure correct winding, properly place internal boundaries)
    • Standardize their internal information (create kml with true internal rings)
    • Reduce the node count to make size smaller and editing easier
    • Alter them
  • Use advanced boundary manipulation tools
    • Automatic boundary creation
    • Slice boundaries
    • Add and delete boundaries and internal holes
    • Expand and contract boundaries
    • Merge boundaries
    • Decrease node count using boundary simplification
  • Instantly show results in Google Earth for simple validation and checking
  • Save and store projects for future manipulation
  • Import and export boundaries in a variety of formats

Screen shots

(hint: click on the images to expand and use the mouse scroll wheel to advance)
Import data points
Edit data points
Manually create boundaries and holes
Auto-fit 'Rubber-Band' boundaries
Auto-fit 'Shrink-Wrap' boundaries
Expand, contract, simplify


(for more examples and demos visit our YouTube channel)


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