The principals of Site Specific Software Solutions (S4) are Stuart Pocknee and Natasha Wells.

Natasha Wells Wells holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Science degree and has been working with precision agriculture since 1995. Her background is in GIS, Remote Sensing, and Research Coordination. During a 16 year career with the University of Georgia's Precision Ag Team she worked closely with farmer collaborators on projects relating to yield mapping, management zones, aerial and satellite imaging, data processing, on-farm communications, and variable rate irrigation.

Stuart Pocknee Along with a degree in Agricultural Science, Pocknee has an MS in soil chemistry and a PhD in soil spatial variability. He has been working with precision agriculture since 1994. As first a graduate student, and then a researcher, at the National Environmentally Sound Production Agriculture Laboratory in Tifton, GA, he has performed pioneering work in fields such as zone management, directed soil sampling, variable rate irrigation, on-farm wireless networks, and tractor robotics. He has worked in both the public and private sectors with his most recent position prior to starting S4 being the senior software architect with a leading Australian agricultural data processor and precision ag services company.

S4 has a demonstrated commitment to the Precision Agriculture industry. We understand the needs and requirements of Precision Agriculture practitioners.

S4 is a company focused on service and quality. Call us to talk about how custom software can help your operation.